King Asher


Asher was the founder and first king of Paradorn, the lost unified human kingdom. Even thousands of years after his death, he still is the most celebrated man in human history.

Asher was born to one of the hundreds of forgotten tribes of the plains of man. During that time, a great dragon terrorized the land and killed any who challenged him. The tribes agreed that if any man could slay the dragon, he would be the High King Among Men. While several warriors attempted to slay the dragon, all were done away with quickly. Asher instead approached the beast in a different matter, offering a bottle of wine as a means of making peace. The dragon, suprised by the gesture, accepted the gift and quickly consumed it. Overtaken by the strength of the drink, the dragon soon passed out; Asher then beheaded the dragon.

Now recognized as the High King of the Plain, Asher established a kingdom not unlike the organized civilzations of the Elder Races. He named it Paradorn, after the major rivers that flowed towards it capital, the Paradis and the Ornic. The capital itself was named Ruuheim, Center of the World, and was quickly built into one of the most impressive cities in the known world.

Asher’s style of rule favored cleverness over brawn, and diplomacy over battle. That said, he was willing to go to war when needed, and was famed for being on the front line with his men during the height of altercations. Asher was also known for being deeply interested in the various religions throughout the plains, and formulated the first comprehenisve study of the human pantheon of gods. While it would take several generations after him to reach the full perspective that worshippers have today, Asher built more than his fair share of temples, and was the one to identify and name Baltrus as the God-King.

Asher lived to a ripe old age of 70 years old, dying comfortably in the Keep that he built for his family in Ruuheim. His son Daris took the crown, and the regal line followed directly from the High King until the Great War, when Paradorn fell as a unified kingdom. To this day, both Paradorn and King Asher stand as symbols of the greatness humans can achieve.


King Asher

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