Dwarven King


Brand was a great hero of the Dwarf people who died in 1119, almost a hundred years after he founded and became leader of the city of Khor-Brand.

Brand was born in the now ruined city of Khor-Hukatus. Upon reaching adulthood, he joined the priesthood of Fadni Greybeard and quickly rose to a relatively high position due to his wise thinking and charismatic nature. He took a wife and fathered two children, his son Barador and daughter Bravura.

Unfortunately, a massive Goblin army laid siege to the city, eventually overwhelming its defenses and taking a vast majority of the inhabitants as slaves. Brand was one of leaders of the resistance movement that eventually became a full slave revolt and led to the surviving dwarves escaping to the nearby Vashnivy Desert.

The twelve hundred escapees wandered for weeks through the desert, a land only slightly less hospitable to dwarves as it is to goblinkind. They had to brave a lack of water, harsh sun and attacks by giant sandworms and other beasts. Brand inspired his band of lost dwarves throughout the journey, claiming that the Great Father had given him visions of a city that would rise to great prominence throughout the realms of all races if they persevered through this test. Eventually, they would find a relatively small, craggy mountain amongst the sand, and there they began to settle. Within a year they had named it Khor-Brand after their leader and crowned him Khorzal of the city.

Khorzal Brand ruled for many years and guided his people to develop great technological advances until now Khor-Brand is a wonder to behold and envy of many more ancient cities. Upon his death, the title of Khorzal passed to his son Barador.



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