Dwarf Pantheon

Fadni Lawful Good Leader of the Pantheon, Creator of the Dwarves
Armok Lawful Evil God of Death
Kovar Neutral God of Mining and Smithing
Vojak Lawful Neutral God of War
Pivo Chaotic Good Spirit of Alcohol

Goblin Pantheon

Mon-ko Lawful Evil God of Order, Leader of the Pantheon
Kat-du Neutral Evil God of War
Rom-no Lawful Neutral God of Property
Bil-ra Neutral God of Knowledge
Wit-la Neutral Vice-God of Successful Celebrations

Human Pantheon

Baltrus ҉ Lawful Neutral The King
Carmanor Ҁ Neutral Good The Farmer
Damarra Ѳ Neutral Good The Matron
Druantia ȣ Chaotic Evil The Beast
Felintar Neutral The Craftsman
Lir ʬ Chaotic Neutral The Sailor
Morrigan Neutral The Crone
Ogham ۞ Neutral The Sage
Prenda Chaotic Good The Maiden
Tyrwin Lawful Evil The Conqueror
Vantyr ɸ Lawful Good The Knight
Veles Ӂ Chaotic Neutral The Wanderer

Other Deities/Religions

Druidic Order Neutral Ancient Nature Worshipers
Garrek Chaotic Evil Orcish God of War
The Great Link N/A Elven Racial Spirituality
Valmistaja N/A The Creator


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