We don’t just protect a kingdom. We protect all of time.
-Vandaven, elf sage

Elf is the eldest of the races in the Known World, having lifespans that last nearly a century. They are known for their interests in magic, history and unique religious perspective. They also are known for being exceptionally isolationist.

General Characteristics

  • Some have referred to elves as elitist; to an elf, that’s a simplistic perspective. To them, their perspective is simply longer due to their extended lifespan and the extensive work the elven sages have done in regards to the history of the known world. Given this longview, it is easy to understand why the elves don’t find the skirmish of human kingdoms or even the hardship of the elves especially important.
  • Elves emphasize peace and stability above nearly every other aspect of their society. The fact that their overarching cultural hasn’t changed for nearly 3000 years speaks to this. The well-being of all elves is given utmost importance, with the rights of the individual often being sacrificed to the greater good. To this end, elven exiles who dared question or deviate from the accepted norms are not unusual in the rest of the Known World.
  • Other than the exiles mentioned above and their offspring, elves spend very little time outside of their guarded and warded cities. Occasionally diplomats or researches can be found, immediately recognized as non-exiles by the sigils that they where. Some humans believe the seeing an elf from the actual elven cities is an omen of momentous things to come.


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