• Founded in: -1434; in its current form, since the Great War
  • Population: 80,000
  • Military Size: 5,000
  • Governed by: The Free Council

Ruuheim is the largest city in the free world, hosting a vibrant community of humans, dwarves and even elves. While the Ruuheim is the historical human name for the form Paradorn capital, each race has their own name for it; typically when speaking in mixed company however, Ruuheim is typically referred to by the human moniker.

Under Paradorn

Ruuheim was the capital established by the legendary King Asher of the humans, the capital city for his wide-ranging empire known as Paradorn. While it was welcoming to outsiders, it was definitively a human city with outsides among its population. The city was built around an impressive keep, a labyrinthine castle that both protected the King and his family as well as the bulk of the Paradornian army. The city prospered along with it’s kingdom, and lasted through several generations of Asher’s regal line.

After the Great War

Following the Great War however, the empire of Paradorn was split apart due to the death of the regal line. With the great human kingdom thrown into civil war, Ruuheim itself became a central point of contention, with various factions claiming it over the next century. Concerned and needing a place to do business with the suddenly fractured human kingdoms, the elves proposed a peace treaty the delegated the city as a realm of neutrality; no kingdom, human or otherwise, would hold sway over it and military actions to prove otherwise would be met with absolute prejudice by the combined forces of human, elven and dwarven armies. A high council of members from each of the major races was formed as an impartial body to form the legal structure and protection of the Center of the World. The initial council of nine members were selected by the ruling bodies of the various kingdoms, and eventually as members stepped down, the exiting council member would select their successor. This treaty seemed agreeable to all sides, as it focused combat away from a city of historical and spiritual significance to all sides.

Current day

Since the Treaty of Ruuheim, the city has flourished even past the glory days of Paradorn. The Center’s Militia, the city guard for Ruuheim, is among the most prestigious and impressive military forces in the Known World. A healthy market system between all races has developed, as well as an advanced legal system to help settle disputes between various cultures. King Asher could not have named his capital city any better than he did, for Ruuheim is now truly the center of the world.


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