Intermediate Deity

  • Alignment – Neutral Good
  • Followers – Humans, Mothers, Healers
  • Domains – Fall, Fertility, Comfort
  • Titles – The Matron, Autumn Queen
  • Favored Weapons – None
  • Symbol – Ѳ

Damarra is among the wives of Baltrus, and is often thought of as the peacekeeper among the Gods. Hers is the Court of Autumn, the time of cooling. Prenda believes in harmony and peace, preferring to settle disputes through understanding than conflict. She also places a high regard on the creation and raising of children, as they are the truest gift that man can offer to the world. For perhaps obvious reasons, followers of her Court tend to find themselves in the middle of debates rather than taking strong personal stands, preferring to act as arbiters and problem solvers. All Autumn Courtiers believe in resorting to violence as a final resort, while some go as far as full pacifism for all conflict save protection of family. Critics of the Autumn Court regard its followers as foolish in harsh times, and idealistic even during good times. Still, she remains popular among mothers young and old alike, and her worshipers wait for a day when her peace and serenity shall rule rather than the clashing of swords.

They have been waiting a very long time.


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