Intermediate Deity

  • Alignment – Chaotic Neutral
  • Followers – Humans, Rogues, Travelers and Bards
  • Domains – Freedom, Lies, Illusions, Luck
  • Titles – The Wanderer, Quicksilver, The Faceless God
  • Favored Weapons – Staff
  • Symbol – Ӂ

There are no churches dedicated to The Faceless God, but at every major crossroads in the Human kingdoms, you can find an altar dedicated to him. He is the god of the road, always traveling, never resting until he has seen every sight and wonder on this earth. His devotees carry the staff, just as effective as a tool for traveling as a tool for combat. Quicksilver is also always on the hunt for his lover, the moon, who always seems to slip away into nothingness just as he’s about to finally seize her. He cares little for the conflicts of good and evil, believing freedom more important than any other ideal. There is even a common saying,

Faceless Veles, the Quicksilver mind,
Searching for love he’ll never find.
He’ll grant you safe travels if feeling kind,
But be just as likely to rob you blind.

The title of Faceless comes from the fact that he is said to change his appearance at will and has never worn the same face twice. To this end, he is commonly worshiped by rogues, thieves, and others who wish never to be caught.


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